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Songbroker Winter Playlist


Brrr! There’s a southerly wind blowing and the temperature has dropped dramatically!

Time to listen to Songbroker’s new Winter Playlist, featuring some seasonal tracks from Greg Fleming, Davey Beige, Goodshirt, Charlotte Yates, Eyreton Hall, Greg Johnson, Meech Brothers, Erin Cole-Baker, Matt Yearbook, Bear Cat, Harry Parsons, Andrew Keoghan, Damien Binder, Look Blue Go Purple, Jay Clarkson, Jan Hellriegel, The Verlaines, Li’l Chuck the One Man Skiffle Machine, Gareth Thomas, The DeSotos, Echo Children, Hanna Grace, Carolyn Stilwell, Sven Olsen’s Brutal Canadian Love Saga and The Roulettes.

Listen to the Winter Playlist here:

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