We are a new kind of music publisher, representing thousands of original musical works by independent New Zealand-based artists.

Songbroker enables music users to tap into an extensive network of songwriters, bands, music producers and screen composers - released tracks, unreleased tracks and music made to order.

Thousands Of Original Tracks

For TV, film and online content producers, Songbroker offers a more authentic alternative to production music libraries. Our catalogue is broad and deep, and searchable by reference track. Clearance is quick and easy.

We’ll Find Something For You

If you’re pushed for time, the Songbroker team will do the finding for you. We are happy to take your brief and supply tracks for consideration.

Music Made To Order

For larger productions wanting something unique, Songbroker can brief selected writers who will then come back with an original composition to your brief. No fee is paid unless the track is used.

If you have a particular artist in mind, Songbroker will happily make the introduction and take it from there.

The Right Music For Every Budget

Give us a brief and we will get you the right music for your production, whatever the budget. We are quick and connected and all about getting a brilliant result.


We have thousands of original New Zealand-composed tracks available for use on film and television productions - including released songs, unreleased music and instrumentals.

All musical genres are represented - as are some of the country’s best songwriters - and clearance is quick and easy.

Songbroker will be able to help with original music for your production, whatever your budget.  


Executive Producer
Jan Hellriegel
Telephone + 64 9 8468892