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Songbroker welcomes Danny McCrum

Songbroker is pleased to welcome singer/songwriter Danny McCrum to the fold.

Danny started playing, writing and performing at the age of twelve and has worked as a full time musician for the last fourteen years.

Danny has worked as a session musician for numerous producers and artists including Greg Haver, Peter van Gent, Alex Burke (US), Lizzie Marvelly, Magnolia Memoir (US), Vann Dizon, Georgia Lines, the Michael Jackson tribute show 'King Of Pop, The Legend Continues’, AutoMatic 80s and many more.

He has released three albums: Awake & Restless (2007, Elite Music), Say What You Mean (2009, Liberation/Universal) and Letters to the Future (2012, Paper Plane). His fourth album Hustle Bustle is due out in 2019.

Along with Bobby Kennedy (Opshop) Danny hosts the podcast series Don’t Give Up Your Day Job where they talk to creative professionals about their experiences in the entertainment business.

To listen to Danny McCrum, head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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