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House of Champions doco to air on TV3

Directed by Kirsty Griffin & Viv Kernick and produced by Bella Pacific Media, the new NZ on Air funded documentary House of Champions follows three flatmates striving for Special Olympics glory.

Personal trainer Fiona has her work cut out for her. She is training Celeste, Jonathan and Carla three flatmates, as she whips them into shape to compete for the Special Olympics National Summer Games.

Celeste, “Madam Butterfly” may have lost 30 kgs but gets distracted by her active social life and fiancé Moyzee, Jonathan, champion speed walker, has partial sight, blurring the lane markings he must stay within and Carla, swimmer and house peacemaker, needs to stop worrying about the others and concentrate ongetting fit for the competition.

Will the three, all residents of a supported community for adults with intellectual disabilities in small town New Zealand, reach the steps of the podium? Or will life, love and politics get in their way?

House of Champions celebrates the differences amongst us and the threads that bind us together.

This documentary features the wonderful Andrew Thorne song ‘Blown Up Heart’ and is set to air on TV3 on September 25th.

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