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'Always Always' new single from Tablefox

Auckland rock band Tablefox has just released their new single ‘Always Always’ - the first song from their forthcoming third album, due for release in 2020.

The past year has seen Tablefox band members Matt Carson, Clinton Bell, Chris Dickinson, Olivia Kotze and Arie Harris tour Australasia, expanding their fanbase and performing shows with acts such as James, The Charlatans, Big Country, The Feelers and City Calm Down.

Vocalist Clinton Bell said of the long awaited new track, “the driving guitars and intense guitar melody gave me a vivid sense of running but not actually getting anywhere. I related that feeling to how a relationship ends for one person and not the other. Guitarist Chris (Dickinson) brought the riff to a writing session and the lyrics came pretty easily. I think subconsciously I was drawing on my own experiences and on the experiences friends had shared”.

Tablefox will soon announce a series of live shows to promote their new material and forthcoming album, so keep up with the news by following them on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM .

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Listen to ‘Alway Always’ here:

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