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Paper Cranes' new video comes 'Alive'

Paper Cranes’ single ‘Alive’ is about breaking out of negative patterns, and responding to the positive around you – even in hard situations.
Their latest video for ‘Alive’ is set deep in a dreamlike forest, and shows that sometimes unexpected journeys deliver  unlikely discoveries. The ethereal beauty of the setting belies some touches of dystopia, while giving a glimpse into something hopeful and otherworldly.
The video was produced and directed by Mark Fruish. The song, recorded and produced by Nic Manders and Paper Cranes, was released on their acclaimed sophomore album Voices.

With songs that ponder the meaning of life, love, and our fleeting existence in this beautiful world, Paper Cranes’ music is warm, yet melancholy.

Their catchy upbeat track ‘Again & Again’ has been the Farmers Department Store’s latest creative soundtrack for the past 2 years.

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Watch ‘Alive’ here:

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