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Investigator releases new single 'I Go Crazy' Feat. Jerome Fortune

‘I Go Crazy’ is the third single by Adrian Drew to be released under the moniker INVESTIGATOR.

Featuring the multi-award winning Producer/MC of the ‘Fast Crew’, Jerome Fortune (Jeremy Kent-Johnston), this is his his first commercial release in over a decade.

The two met as neighbours while the Fast Crew were recording their second album, ‘Truth, Lies & Redtape’. Both shared a love for a wide range of music and the past years produced many jam sessions and sharing of ideas.

Adrian played the demo of “I Go Crazy” to Jeremy, who instantly asked for the stems,and in a matter of days, the song had been transformed into something truly unique.

 As with the recently released self-titled INVESTIGATOR EP, the song was mixed and mastered by Engineer/Producer, Kane Bennett.

 The song is set in small town America, focusing on a guy who still pines for his teenage sweetheart.

INVESTIGATOR is a singer/songwriter & producer with roots dug deep in retro rock & pop.

He writes bright shiny songs with dark undertones, a juxtaposition reflecting life. The love, loss and societal stabs feature heavy... but within the dark brooding space there is always a hint of optimism.

Look out for INVESTIGATOR playing live in September with full backing band ‘The Constabulary’. More dates to be added.

 ‘I Go Crazy’ is out today on Spotify, iTunes and across all digital platforms.

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