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Abby Holden releases new single 'Milly Elliot'

Abby Holden has been busy in the studio of late, recently releasing a new single entitled ‘Milly Elliot’, an upbeat R & B tinged track reminiscent of the 90's.

The track was written by Holden and and musical collaborator, Jay Picasso.  

“Jay is a producer in the UK that I have worked on many songs with in the past.  He was playing some of the tracks he had laying about, and I immediately jumped on the instrumental that became Milly Elliot.  The song is based on a few people I knew at high school, all merged into the one character.”  

The accompanying video is an animated piece featuring a carefree Milly Elliot cycling around the countryside with her groovy friends on a Summer’s day.

Watch and listen below:

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Abby Holden, Milly Elliot, Jay Picasso