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Greg Fleming new single 'My Hood' celebrates West Auckland home

My Hood is the second single off Greg Fleming’s forthcoming album Get Off at Lincoln, which continues with the theme of West Auckland.

Says Fleming, "Each time we go into the studio to make a record I say to the band - "let's make a hip hop record". They laugh and we go back to work. But this song is as close as we've got - and celebrates the West Auckland neighbourhood I've lived in for the last 12 years. Every word of this is true!" 

Greg's first show was opening up for Texan legend Townes Van Zandt since then he's built up a reputation as a razor sharp songwriter - adept in a wide range of styles and settings. Greg Fleming & the Working Poor’s album To Hell With These Streets made the top 10 best albums of 2016 at - it followed the highly acclaimed Stranger In My Own Hometown and 2014's Forget the Past – which enjoyed 4 star reviews both at home and internationally. 2017's Working Poor Country was considered one of the year's overlooked gems by the Sunday Star Times

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Listen to ‘My Hood’ here:

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