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Jaggers x Lines drop new single 'Soft Little Lights'

Dunedin’s resident alt-pop weirdos, Jaggers x Lines (Eliana Gray and Morgan Smilie) have dipped their hands into the world of grungy jazz for the final single before the release of their impending debut album Burn Cycle.

‘Soft Little Lights’ has the signature scratched up, sample-happy, lyrically dense sound still on display; with delicate piano melodies and a swing we haven’t yet heard from the duo.

Guest vocals are provided by Alex Selkirk-Hanna (Beachware).

Gray says the lyrical content is, “a reflection on the ways, and relationships, where I’d burn myself out and distract myself from my own brain,” but that the initial spark was provided by, “abject terror that one of the ciggie butts I pitched out my window every night would burn my house down.” Is it a metaphor? You decide.

Known for their participatory, high-energy live shows- Jaggers x Lines will be taking the party to Caroline, Wellington with local legends Melting Faces and Namesake on July 13th.

Tickets are available from Just the ticket or for $10 on the door.

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Listen to 'Soft Little Lights':

Jaggers x Lines, Eliana Gray, Morgan Smilie