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Apollo Steam Train releases new single 'Brain Bell Jangler'

Tauranga Pop Rock band Apollo SteamTrain have just released their new single 'Brain Bell Jangler' today.

BBJ is a combination of catchy guitar hook and vocal melodies, layered over hard hitting drums that take the listener on a no nonsense sonic journey.

Produced by Greg Haver, the track was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland and mixed by TUI Award winning UK based Engineer Clint Murphy. 

Written by front man, Brendan McCarthy, BBJ is inspired by his formative musical and partying years in Dunedin, where he was developing a sense of himself. The “Brain Bell Jangler” is the voice that exists in all of us, always pushing us to not settle for second best and to get out there, enjoy life and fulfil our dreams.

Apollo SteamTrain was formed in 2016 by singer songwriter Brendan McCarthy, with drummer Les Robinson and Bass Player Ian Clark providing a powerful rhythmic edge. The band plays solid guitar driven melodic rock delivered over a punching rhythm section, dressed with relentlessly catchy vocal melodies.

'Brain Bell Jangler' is now available from iTunes and Spotify.

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Listen to 'Brain Bell Jangler' here.

Catch them this March at a venue near you.

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