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Songbroker Song of the Day: Herriot Row - Please Elvis

Herriot Row is the musical moniker of Auckland, New Zealand-based songwriter Simon Comber, who has previously released 2 L.Ps and an E.P under his own name.

Graham Reid describes 'Please Elvis' as a "gently penetrating song", starting off with a plea to Elvis not to make his mother cry and slowly unfurling to reveal a deeper back story of the protagonists darker family life.

A beautifully crafted song - lyrically and melodically, if you like what you hear, listen to more Herriot Row on the Songbroker Search Engine.

oh please elvis
don’t make my mamma cry
she just blew all the dust off
that old scratchy 45′ 
she won’t say when she first heard it
never tells me what it means
but I’ve seen what it does to her
and I know what that does to me

so please elvis
don’t make my mamma sad
don’t remind her of what’s gone for good
of what I never had
she won’t show me any photos
never tells me how they met
she just drops the needle down
and then the dust gets in her eyes again

and she’s swirling a brandy balloon
and she’s twirling
under the gaudy light in the living room
but the liqour always overblows
all the things that’ll never blow over
and I’m sick of picking her pieces up
and I’m tired of staying sober

so please elvis
a family will drive you wild
she’s just a fading satellite
and I’m a grown up only child
and if you make her cry away
another anniversay
you’ll be nothing but a hound dog
nothing but a hound dog
to me

Simon Comber, Herriot Row