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New Single 'Wake Me Up' for Phil Stoodley

Inspired by living on the island of Bali, this remake of Avicii’s track “Wake Me Up” is a regular favourite at Phil Stoodley’s live performances.

The video was filmed overlooking an incredible view from Phil’s home rooftop and sets the perfect scene for Aloe Blacc’s lyrics, which came to Blacc with his realization, “My life is such a dream. Wake me up when it’s all over.”

Reflections of his own traveling experiences, a love for reggae music and a knack for turning any contemporary track into a one drop rhythm, “Wake Me Up” was a perfect fit for Phil’s latest cover release.

A thick musical history has seen Phil writing, recording and performing for over 20 years, both solo and alongside countless other artists in both his home country of New Zealand and abroad, including tours across the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia, including session work for Kiwi multi-platinum selling act ‘The Feelers’, while his knack for capturing the moment with sound has brought his writing to the screen through TV, films and commercials.

Listen and watch below. To hear more from Phil Stoodley head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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