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Songbroker Song of the Day : The Slacks - Big Aroha

In celebration of Te wiki o te reo māori we have chosen The Slacks' track 'Big Aroha'.

The sound of the band has been described as folk-rock slapped about the face by country and the blues with a dusting of Irish-ska.

Self-funded and self-motivated, theSlacks have defied their own millstone of a name and produced two full-length albums, an EP, four music videos and countless tours and dance- offs.

'Big Aroha' germinated in Marky’s school years after a discussion he had waiting for the bus outside the Inglewood dairy. It was a conversation that stayed with him over the years until coalescing into song.

Peppered with Te Reo and celebrating strong community ties and deep roots, Big Aroha is a nod to Poi E and a modern Taranaki response to our times. 

Listen to The Slacks click here.

Enjoy! And whai i te wiki pai!

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