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Filthy Rich Series Two Episode Eight

Created by award-winning Kiwi writers, Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan (Outrageous Fortune,  Go Girls,  Nothing Trivial), Filthy Rich Series Two continues the dynastic drama filled with high stakes storylines and shocking twists at every turn.

Episode Eight is no exception, plus it hosts a plethora of of Songbroker artists as the musical backdrop.

Tune in tonight on TVNZ2 at 8.30pm.


Written by M. Petersen / B. Raine / M. Doo

Performed by Seeds of Orbit

'Start Again'

Written by Sam Browne

Performed by Black River Drive

'No Man'

Written and performed by Eva Prowse

'Out On A Wire'

Written by D. Solomon / L. Catlin

Performed by These Automatic Changers

'Your Name'

Written and performed by Abby Holden

'Elixir Always'

Written by S. Mathieson / J. Brennan / T. Van Dammen / S. Parry

Performed by Collapsing Cities

'Tokyo Compression'

Written by A. Thorne / W. Bell

Performed by Modern Chair


Written by Elizabeth Stokes

Performed by The Beths

'How Many Times'

Written by D. Solomon / L. Catlin

Performed by The Automatic Changes


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