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New single for Date MonthYear

Hamilton band DateMonthYear has released a new single which delivers a strong message with its hard-hitting lyrics, music and video.

Band Founder Trevor Faville said the new song, called 'March', alludes to the idea of going through the process of grief and loss.

“The song itself is quite different to our last one, musically,” Faville said. “It’s a lot more dramatic and has dynamic changes involved.

The lush. spacious accompanying video was created by the Bad George production team (including band member Brooke Baker) who were award nominees at the HP 48 Hour Film Festival.

Faville describes their music as pop melodies, rock dynamics and a movie cinematic atmosphere.

“That’s the best description. Technically it’s rock music, but it’s a little bit more than that,” Faville said.

The next project, after releasing 'March' is to work on releasing their album.

Faville said the album isn’t full of happy lyrics, instead the songs speak of issues that need to be spoken about, rather than songs that provide a distraction from what is going on in the world.

Check out DateMonthYear’s new song March on Spotify, the band’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, or purchase it from iTunes and

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