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'This Is Home' for Phil Stoodley

Once you’ve crawled out of enough tight travelling spaces with aching knees, a backpack and a vague idea of where you’ll end up next, the moments worth writing about start stacking up around you. Eventually the time will come to give them a creative outlet and for singer-songwriter, Phil Stoodley, settling into the island life of Bali has given him all the right excuses to put pen to paper.

‘This is home’ is Phil’s reflection on finding presence and beauty on the hardened road. From sleepless nights in smoky overcrowded train cabins across India, to the rich layers of intrigue within Indonesia’s Spice Islands, a common thread binds every experience together; the people along the way that lighten the journey and bring us home. Home in the present. Home in the here and now. Wherever the sweat falls and the music plays. 

'This Is Home' is available from Spotify and iTunes.

Listen to 'This Is Home' here:

Phil Stoodley, This Is Home