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Breathing Cage to Play Auckland Shows

25 years on and Breathing Cage are lined-up to do two gigs at Auckland's Wine Cellar in November with all four original members. 

Following up a performance earlier this year at Christchurchs Blue Smoke, the band will perform material from Misericord (the result of winning the somewhat controversial Rheineck Rock Award) along with other Jay Clarkson-penned songs filling out the rest of the set, such classics as The Man With No Desire, Memory Lane and The Boy With the Sad Hands

Jay Clarkson will also perform a short set of songs solo and singer-songwriter Rex Vizible will open the evening. 

Breathing Cage is: Jay Clarkson (The Expendables, Playthings, The Containers) vocals and guitar, Gary Sullivan (Jean Paul Satre Experience, Solid Gold Hell, Dimmer) on drums, Michael Kime on bass, Greg Malcolm (Surfing USSR, The Ivor Cultler Band). 

Jay Clarksons Breathing Cage
17th and 18th, Wine Cellar, Auckland

Limited tickets from UTR and Flying Out. $15 Plus Booking Fee

Breathing Cage, Jay Clarkson