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'Changes Coming' for Del Thomas

Del Thomas is set to release his new album 'Changes Coming' this Thursday the 5th October in time for his gig at the Capital Blues Club (8.30pm) at the  Hotel Bristol, 131-133 Cuba Mall, Wellington.

Del's band have helped turn Del's original rough demos into a stunning and varied album, with songs varying from straightforward shuffling blues to Americana all the way to gospel anthems. 

Del's songs come from a mix of personal experience, observation of other people and ideas that might just come from overheard conversations.

'Close As You Were' for example, is a hard-hitting loud guitar and synth-driven song, juxtaposed by lyrics inspired by the birth of his son and how the emotional experience of becoming a father can be so different to that experienced by a mother. 

Del's lyrics are crafted in a way that people can relate to, wrapped in catchy choruses and bluesy guitar hooks for added heft. 

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Del Thomas, Changes Coming