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Graeme Downes and Dunedin Symphony Orchestra present Tally Ho!

Graeme Downes is at it again! 

Following on the success of the 2015 performance of Tally Ho! which attracted a capacity Town Hall audience, the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra is presenting a further selection of songs from the eclectic ‘Dunedin Sound’ pop music genre.

There will also be some favourites from the 2015 Tally Ho! programme. The soloists will include some of the original Dunedin Sound artists such as Shayne P Carter, David Kilgour,  Martin Phillipps (The Chills), as well as rising stars, Nadia Reid and Anthonie Tonnon.  Conducting these artists and the DSO will be Peter Adams, with stylish orchestrations by Graeme Downes.

It's all going down on on Saturday 4th November at the Dunedin Town Hall. Tickets are available here

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