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Songbroker Song of the Day : Show Me Where It Hurts - 'Show Me Where It Hurts'

Show Me Where It Hurts play big-hearted pop songs, and heavy-hearted torch songs with a light-hearted reverie. They distill 60 years of Maximum R&B through the tight and focused bottleneck only a two-piece can provide, and they glory in the chaos which comes when you tip the bottle over. 

There’s a sweetness to these songs of love, loss, hope and heartache - an immersion sometimes in the darkness, at least in the knowledge (to paraphrase Leonard Cohen) that there’ll still be some light to shine through the cracks. 'Show me where it hurts', they sing, 'and I’ll take the pain away in a kiss’.

Show Me Where It Hurts consists of Josh Hetherington - vocals and Rhodes and Ronny Haynes - drums and vocals. 

To listen to 'Show Me Where It Hurts' and other songs- head to our search engine:!details?id=17080475


Show Me Where It Hurts, Josh Hetherington, Ronny Haynes