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Kiri's debut album Muse and Memorabilia is a collection of refined, considered and reflective songs and draws from a lifetime of songwriting and performing to craft this release.

Produced and recorded by Neil Baldock at Roundhead and Revolver Studios in Auckland, Kiri draws on a pool of sympathetic and supportive talent — including drummer Nick Gaffaney and Willy Scott, guitarists Neil Watson, Brett Adams, Derek Solomon and Christine White, bassist Bones Hillman and keyboard players Steph Brown and Godfrey De Grut to name a few.

From the propulsive and soulfully delivered rock track Watch Over Me and the hard-edged Hotel or Car through to the emotional ache of Not My Lover and the radio-friendly pop-chime of Baby Come Round, to the blues yearn of Goodbye Chicago and snappy funk of Get Back Home there is a wealth of emotional and musical experience poured into this diverse album.

“The title Muse and Memorabilia is the inspiration and acknowledgement of the people in my music life,” Kiri says, “and the memories of it. I look back at it like you would a photo album … with some pretty magic shots.”

Muse and Memorabilia is now available for purchase from all good digital retail outlets including  iTunesSpotify and Bandcamp. Physical CDs also available from Bandcamp.


Kiri Eriwata, Muse and Memorabilia, Neil Baldock