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With his new album Fizzy Milk hailed as “one of the best local albums of the year” (Lydia Jenkin, NZ Herald) Gareth Thomas releases his third single from the record, 'Wallow'.

Inspired by the sounds of Talking Heads, 'Wallow' is an affirmation about moving on after a break up. With a positive outlook on endings, the song fits right in to the upbeat nature of the album as a whole.

Gareth has also released a video for Wallow, visually capturing that abstract feeling at the end of a relationship. Premiered on Hauraki, the story of the video is centred around two characters, an unconventional pair that are literally moving on in the video, and showing off one of New Zealand’s most stunning barren landscapes in the process.

The track follows on from Gareth’s last single 'All Eyes In The Room', which was shortlisted for a Silver Scroll this year and has clocked up over 139,000 plays on Spotify, plus the spacey first single 'I’d Like' which has reached 50,000 Spotify plays.

Gareth Thomas, Goodshirt