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'Phobos and Deimos' : new E.P. for Dylan Storey

Dylan Storey’s new 5 track EP Phobos and Deimos is out today and in case you were wondering, the title refers to the name of the 2 moons of Mars; Phobos meaning (panic/fear) and Deimos meaning (terror/dread).

A collection of laid back, introspective progressive rock songs with a dreamy psychedelic mood, the E.P. was recorded in NZ and mixed in Texas by McKenzie Smith of Midlake, focusing on rich sonic textures and forward-facing retro moods.

All songs written by Dylan Storey except Open Heart Markets by Dylan Storey and Reb Fountain.

Dylan celebrates this evening with an album release show at The Wine Cellar, Auckland.

Listen to Phobos and Deimos here:

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