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New single for Lake South

Wellington based artist Lake South has just unveiled a new single ‘Holloway Road’ from his forthcoming album 'Wellington | Te Upoko O Te Ika', due for release on August 2nd. Lake performs electric UTOPIA music with guitar, voice, and midi triggers.

‘Holloway Road’ has a beautifully sparse beginning and builds to an emotive end, with intermittent glitches and vocal affects added for eerie effect . Lake uses the historic backdrop of Holloway Road to recount an intimate interaction and the history behind it.

The accompanying video is also shot amidst the old cottages, greenery and winding thoroughfare of Holloway Road at dawn, adding more pathos and atmosphere to the song.

To hear more from Lake South head here.

Watch ‘Holloway Road’ here:

Lake South, Holloway Road, Wellington | Te Upoko O Te Ika