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The Jason McIver Collective release new single 'We Change'

The Jason McIver Collective has released two highly praised and charting albums since 2015, and in 2019 the catalogue continues to expand with the latest single ‘We Change’.

After moving bases from Auckland to Taupo, Jason McIver has regrouped and refreshed the band line-up, his music exploring the gamut of emotions and movements occurring in life and embracing varied influences.

“‘We Change’ is about watching yourself age while still feeling young on the inside and how conflicting it is.....I” says McIver.

‘We Change’ has a slow surging rhythm, akin to an Incubus acoustic ballad, building and releasing as Jason’s powerful emotive vocals pin down the melody.

Listen to ‘We Change’ below. To hear more from JMC, head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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