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Manzo to release third studio album

Manzo (AKA Alan Hodgetts) will soon be releasing his third studio album ‘Attachment’

Building on the success of the previous album ‘Outsider’, this new release takes Manzo’s musical journey to the next level.

More mature, polished song and score-writing, with rich, punchy and spacious mixes, this collection takes the listener on a 47 minute adventure, each track flowing effortlessly into the next.  Manzo’s diverse influences create a fusion of 60s, 80s, electro, pop, rock, blues, reggae and ballad on a smorgasbord of soundscapes.

Social commentary is a key element of Manzo’s art. The album confronts themes of techno-dependence, the artificial replacing the real and the dehumanising of society. Even the music streaming industry comes under scrutiny.  This is juxtaposed against real human attachments, love, warmth, hope and optimism.

A 4 track EP entitled ‘Beatniks on Toast’ is a lighter, raw, live companion piece.

Stay tuned…in the meantime, to hear more from Manzon, head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.