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Harry Parsons releases new single 'Scars'

Harry Parsons returns with his new single ‘Scars’ – a heartfelt pop track punctuated by alluring acoustics and gorgeous melodies. 

With strong pop sensibilities in line with artists like Ed Sheeran and Dean Lewis, ‘Scars’ reflects on working through a dysfunctional relationship, no matter the highs and lows. 
Parsons worked on the single at Roundhead Studios with award winning producer Simon Gooding at the helm.
“I was so stoked to work with Simon,” says Parsons. “I met him through a uni course when I got to record some vocals for acouple songs. We really clicked and both wanted to work with each other in future, so when I sent my demo through to NZ on Air and got the funding, he emailed me saying he’d listened and was keen as to produce for me! The experience was so fun and natural, both of us getting creative and enjoying the process.”
Parsons has recently opened for international acts like Tash Sultana and Lime Cordaile


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