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Songbroker Welcomes Running Stitch

Songbroker is very pleased to welcome the songs of Running Stitch to the roster.

Running Stitch started as the solo project of singer/songwriter Aletta Ashdown. Evoking some of the best female artists and female-led bands of previous eras, NZ Musician reviewer Ania Glowacz described her debut EP “It’s On” as "A low-key PJ Harvey, or Cat Power reference wouldn't be too far off”.

Following the 2015 solo release of “It’s On”, Aletta wanted to round out her sound, so she recruited Kayne Wilkinson on drums and Gavin Botica on bass. 

Wilkinson has drummed for The Rusks and Hooster, and Botica has played with the likes of Semi Lemon Kola and the Hallelujah Picassos; eventually moving to other side of the glass to production work, running York Street’s Mastering studio until it’s demise in early 2000.  

To listen to Running Stitch head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

Running Stitch, Aletta Ashdown