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Songbroker Song of the Day : Coridian - 'Birth of Symmetry'

Coridian is a four-piece Auckland based who are fast becoming one of the best new names in Kiwi rock.

They've toured extensively around NZ, including their own headlining tours and performing with high profile NZ acts such as Devilskin, City of Souls, I AM GIANT, Skinny Hobos & Written by Wolves as well as international acts such as P.O.D (USA), Fuel (USA), Sumo Cyco (CAN) & Red Sea (AUS).

Coridian’s debut EP Oceanic was released in August 2015 and following on from the success of this, they released their sophomore offering “Caldera” accompanied with a tour and festival shows (Supporting the Devilskin 2017 Tour & the New Plymouth Tattoofest).

‘Birth of Symmetry’ is a sparse, moody and contemplative instrumental piece, showcasing the band’s softer more orchestral side.

To listen to more from Coridian, head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

Listen to ‘Birth of Symmetry’ here:

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