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Li'l Chuck releases new single 'Right By My Side'

Li’l Chuck’s brand new single 'Right By My Side', is out today, and with the rest of his forthcoming album ‘Mono’, was recorded in a 1 day session at Sugar Ray's Vintage Recording Studio in Essex, England, using only 1 microphone, no overdubs, and entirely 1950's recording equipment.  Li'l Chuck keeps to the one man band tradition performing all instruments simultaneously. 

When music is pared back to its very bones, there’s nowhere to hide, yet it’s exactly when Li'l Chuck performs at his very best. Li’l Chuck’s music is a nostalgic melting pot of influences – driven by his harmonica, resonator guitar and vocals, and underpinned by kick drum, and hi hat - it pays homage to the artists who have graced the stage before him. Yet, the result is a sound that’s entirely his own.  

“Working at Sugar Ray’s was a meeting of minds, and, being a nostalgic fella, recording through their vintage gear was a buzz,” says Li'l Chuck. “I was working with the gear my idols would have used. I like the raw, simplistic, organic, honest, uncomplicated, naked approach. I like warts n’ all, bumps and scrapes. Capturing the energy of a performance, not over-thinking it.” 

The single is available as a free download here

A 7” 45rpm vinyl, has been made available and these are individually 'hand cut' in Christchurch.

Expressions of interest to order this unique record can be made to

Li'l Chuck will be supporting his release with shows in Christchurch and Auckland.


The Wine Cellar 

Auckland 29th March

Blue Smoke 

Christchurch 5th April

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