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Songbroker Welcomes Armchair Insomniacs

Songbroker is pleased to welcome Auckland band Armchair Insomniacs to the roster.

Armchair Insomniacs are an indie pop musical collective orchestrated and directed by Chris Balm and Louis Bernstone.  Both have an extensive history in writing, producing and performing high quality songs, and have been working together for many years. 

Working as a songwriting and production team, and under the guidance of the Armchair Insomniacs, they collaborate with other artists and musicians, and put the music together at Ellamy Studios in Auckland. 

The other musicians and artists involved in their debut album are, Jet James (Artist), Adam Tobeck (Drums), Jono Sawyer (Drums), Andy Smith (Guitars), Leva Sua (Vocals/Lyrics). 

To listen to The Armchair Insomniacs head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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