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Ariana Tikao's song used for Triton Hearing Te Waka Āwhina documentary

“If it’s to help our people, and all people – Te Waka Āwhina.” These are the words Māori pastorate Reverend Albie Martin spoke during Triton Hearing’s Taranaki Tour launch at Owae Marae, Taranaki.

Te Waka Āwhina is a Māori phrase which can be interpreted in English as ‘the canoe of support’. What Reverend Albie Martin is referring to is ‘Penelope’, Triton Hearing’s Mobile Hearing Clinic. Penelope is a 1949 Bedford bus that’s been fitted out with state-of-the-art diagnostic hearing equipment and operates as a full service Triton TeleAudiology clinic.

The innovative technology solution has allowed Triton Hearing to become the first hearing company in the world to provide the full range of mobile hearing health solutions via TeleAudiology.

On May 24th Triton Hearing and Penelope set off on a trip around Mount Taranaki finishing in Parihaka on June 10th – visiting local Marae and assisting Kaumatua.

Their objective was to screen, test and fit Kaumatua and as a result over the 17-day tour, they tested 60 and fit 20 with hearing aids on location at the Marae.

Triton Hearing is very aware of the importance communication plays in Māori communities because Māori history is an oral one that’s recaptured through the art of whaikōrero and waiata amongst other traditions, and we are honoured to be able to share the “gift of better hearing” with to those who need it most, so they can continue to play an important part in their communities.

This tour provided the people of the Taranaki region with access to the full range of hearing services. Some of the areas visited on this tour have never experienced on-site health services until now.

The Triton Hearing Te Waka Āwhina documentary features Ariana Tikao’s beautiful song ‘Whakatūwheratia’. You can watch the documentary here.

Listen to ‘Whakatuwheratia’ here:

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