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Songbroker welcomes Matthew Bannister

Songbroker is very pleased to welcome the music of Matthew Bannister to the catalogue.

Matthew Bannister is a NZ musician, journalist, and academic. His musical career began as a teenager in the late '70's playing guitar in working men's clubs and pubs in Dunedin in 60's covers band Feedback.

In 1980, while a student at the University of Otago, he co-founded the Flying Nun released band Sneaky Feelings, for which he was a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, penning such classics as 'Husband House', 'Be My Friend' and 'Not To Take Sides'.

After the band dissolved in 1989, Bannister formed Dribbling Darts of Love in Auckland, who had a top 40 NZ hit in 1994 with the track 'Hey Judith' from the album Present Perfectalso released on Flying Nun.

In 2007 came an album with The Weather called Aroha Ave, and in 2011 a self-titled album with his most recent incarnation The Changing Same.

Evolver, released by Powertool Records in 2013, is Bannister's revision of the classic 1966 Beatles album Revolver which received high praise from local media. 

In 2017 Sneaky Feelings reunited, released another critically-lauded album, Progress Junction, on Flying Nun and toured NZ. 

Bannister has also written two books about NZ music: Positively George Street: Sneaky Feelings and the Dunedin Sound (Reid 1999) and White Boys, White Noise: Masculinities and 1980s Indie Guitar Rock (Ashgate, 2006). He is presently writing an article on ukulele groups, which he participates in with his partner, Alice Bulmer.

The Changing Same put out the Make Up My MInd EP in 2014 via Powertool Records, and are set to release their latest album Creative Evolution in September 2018, playing shows at Nivara Lounge, Hamilton 5 September and UFO, Auckland, 8 September.

To listen to Matthew Bannister head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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