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Li'l Chuck launches a crowdfund in preparation for new album project

Li'l Chuck, the talented multi-tasker, who plays his all instruments simultaneously, will shortly be embarking on his most challenging recording project to date.  He will soon fly to the UK and head into Sugar Rays vintage recording studio just outside London.  He is aiming to nail his new album in one session, using one mic, no edits, no overdubs, the way most of his heroes recorded things back in the glory days.

This week Li'l Chuck launched his album project with a pre-sale 'crowd funding' campaign using the funding platform INDIEGOGO  Not only can you buy the album in advance (digital or CD) but he is offering 'rewards' or 'perks' in return for pledges - everything from house concerts to harmonica lessonsnew merchandise to having a personalised song written for you or a loved one.

Li'l chuck ran a similar successful campaign in 2016 for his second album 'Utility Blues' hitting his $8k campaign goal. 

Please follow the link here, to take you directly to his INDIEGOGO page where you can view his new 'pitch' video and get the full story!

You can also see him in action with his latest video here:

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