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Topper releases two albums on Bandcamp

Nelson-based musician/singer/songwriter Topper has just released two 10 song collections on Bandcamp.

With over least 30 years of experience in writing and performing songs, his energetic guitar-rock songs are created with a slightly New Zealand flavour. Topper has a unique sense of humour that flows through his lyrics with thought-provoking stories in today’s world.

Of the releases, Topper says, "The first album Look Out for the Camera's is my older and more ‘live’ sounding material and the second album It's All Good in the Kingswood is a collection of my best songs recorded over the last 2 years".

"I'm extremely proud of these songs. They paint some great pictures to retreat to when listening to them all together in one sitting".

To listen to more Topper head to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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