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Elider Joins Songbroker

Songbroker welcomes NZ band Elider to the fold.

Elider (pronounced Ee-lie-da) play shiny guitary rock music.

Elider's songs are written by Justin Harris (from Hamilton band Inchworm, but now based in Japan) and backed up by Scott Newth (Rumpus Room), Scott Brodie (UK band Grok) and Ben Cole (The Joint Chiefs/The Datsuns). 

Elider's first abum "Redbird" was released in February 2017. Recorded over a number of years in Osaka, Kyoto and Hamilton, the ten songs in the album feature melody upfront, with often complex guitar/keyboard layering beneath. From the intense, and ever-so-slightly angry "It's Time's Like This" to the quieter and summer-beach sounding "Waterdog", Elider place good songwriting as top priority.

To listen to Elider, head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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