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Songbroker Song of the Day: Phil Stoodley - 'This Is Home'

Phil Stoodley has been writing, recording and performing music professionally for over 15 years, and in that time has played alongside some big names in the business and played countless tours locally and abroad.

In recent times this dynamic artist has been writing, recording and producing from his own home studio both his own original songs along with those of emerging Kiwi artist, Hanna Grace.  Phil has also written a number of melodies for TV, film and commercials.

Phil has since hit the road around South East Asia, India and Australia, performing, writing, and adding weight to his already heavy pack of experience. 

Of his single 'This Is Home', Stoodley says, "After missing my sleeper train from Goa to Delhi in India, I jumped on an insanely overcrowded midnight run where the only space I found to rest over 48 hours was a bag rack; my body stuffed like an old backpack within a mess of sweat, dust and the smell of grinding carriage brakes. As each station crammed more passengers in, rather than fight the conditions, I was struck by the way everybody humbled themselves to the situation and shared their personal space. Cigarettes were passed around, shoulders became pillows to newcomers, small amounts of food were torn up and shared. All social boundaries between strangers were stripped away and a sense of home was found within the human spirit as we all faced the journey together. 

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Phil Stoodley, Songbroker