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Songbroker Welcomes Kerry Jacobson

Songbroker is pleased to welcome the music of Kerry Jacobson to the roster.

Kerry Jacobson began playing drums at the tender age of 9 and played professionally in his father’s jazz band when he turned 13. Moving to Australia in 1976 he joined the then unknown band called Dragon, who a year later achieved massive success on the Australian charts. He stayed with them until 1984.

During the ‘80s Kerry also became a session drummer in Sydney recording albums with such artists as Richard Clapton, The Kevin Borich Express, Marc Hunter and many more.

He moved to Brisbane in 1990 to study jazz at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, after which he toured Europe with longtime associate Ian Moss.

Kerry has created an extensive collection of production and soundtrack music. To listen head to the Songbroker Search Engine.

Kerry Jacobson