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Songbroker Artists Abroad : Madam Tsunami

Adam and Coralie Usmani make up Madam Tsunami, a folk pop duo originally from New Zealand, now settled in Aberdeen, Scotland.

dam and Coralie met when she was performing at the Auckland Bluegrass Club.  Together they went on an adventure of musical projects finally forming their current incarnation.

In March 2017 they released Long Way from Home, their second album,  to mark their move from Auckland to Scotland.  Touching on themes of nostalgia, growing older and a yearning for home, this fine collection of songs is flavoured with the musical language of Scotland and delivered with a decidedly Kiwi accent.

Madam Tsunami is soon to embark on an upcoming tour of the Orkney Islands to play at the Gable End Theatre in Hoy. Orkney is world renowned for their folk and traditional scene. As part of their repertoire, Madam Tsunami will be playing fiddle tunes originating from the Islands as well as some Kiwiana to get toes tapping. More dates and info here.

As part of the tour they will also be playing at the prestigious Lyth Arts Centre in Wick.

Madam Tsunami are due to start recording their next single called ‘Watch you go’.

Watch this space!

Madam Tsunami, Adam Usmani, Coralie Usmani