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New album 'Azimuth' for Mali Mali

Auckland based piano folk-experimental-pop musician Mali Mali has just released his new album Azimuth and so far it's receiving glowing reviews.

Azimuth was self-recorded and mixed at his home studio and is a lush collection featuring an array of textures and sounds woven together artfully into 8 subtly complex songs.

Mali Mali AKA Ben Tolich has described the album as "a sort of psycho-spiritual journey dealing with themes of balance, mystery, deconstruction and reconnection. I somewhat urgently started writing it’s songs straight after finishing my last album and from my initial vision to the final mix, the whole process seemed to come together in a magical way."

Concise and and refined, the record harks to a classic mode of experimental antipodean songwriting, calling to the nature-pop of Alistair Gailbraith and Dudley Benson and the deadpan yet heartfelt baritone of Peter Jefferies. A raft of curious textures, synths, loops, percussive creaks and room sounds reveals a imploring, sonically explorative side to Tolich.

Azimuth is out via Home Alone Records and is available digitally AND in LP format.



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