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U.S. crime series Big Dogs licenses songs from The Verlaines

Big Dogs is a new US crime thriller series set in New York City, based on the book Rivers of Gold by Adam Dunn.

In this alternate urban reality, businesses are shuttered, crime is rampant, black markets thrive. Drugs are run via taxis and NYPD detectives use taxis for undercover teams trying to rein in the chaos.

Big Dogs producers have chosen The Verlaines' tracks 'Lucky In My Dreams' from the album Way Out Where and 'Angela' from the album Juvenilia as musical backdrops for scenes in this gritty adaptation.

Songbroker founder Jan Hellriegel says she is thrilled for the band. "Good songs are timeless and it is important to continue to develop, market and look for opportunities for all New Zealand music artists, irrespective of when the music was released."

The Verlaines' songwriter Graeme Downes says "Well, it's an honour to be asked and to quote Shayne P Carter, “if it was a good song at the time, it probably still is."

Songbroker specialises in New Zealand music and looks after a multitude of artists of all styles, genres and generational fashion. All songs on the Songbroker catalogue are made in NZ, of an excellent quality, highly original and best of all, easy to clear. It’s a one-stop-shop for licensing music and a wonderful resource for NZ content makers. As well as servicing the local market, Songbroker is focused on international opportunities and is now setting up its first offshore office in L.A.

Songbroker can also help with searches to find a song to perfectly fit a brief. As well as this Songbroker can talk to any of its composers about writing something new.

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