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Songbroker Adds Frills

Songbroker is delighted to welcome NY based kiwi duo Frills to the fold.

Frills was conceived in a Brooklyn bedroom studio where longtime songwriting collaborators and fellow New Zealanders Simon Oscroft (ex MOTHXR) and Dan Gibson (ex Streets of Laredo, Kingston) began messing around with some GarageBand beats, creating a handful of rough voice memo ideas that quickly became finished songs.

Their first single ‘My Love’ gained support from popular Indie blogs such as HillyDilly, Line of Best Fit, NYLON and big indie streaming playlists such as New Music Friday, Ultimate Indie, Feel Good Indie Rock, New Indie Mix.

Between writing and producing for numerous other artists in New York, LA and New Zealand, the busy duo built a queue of finished songs and regularly self-released each of them throughout 2017.

2018 has seen them release their first EP ‘Human Beingz’ and new single 'She's Got Love'

Stay tuned for what’s next....

To listen to Frills head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

Frills, Dan Gibson, Simon Oscroft