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New Playlist : Lilith

Inspired by Lilith Fair, the  late nineties concert tour and travelling music festival, our 'Lilith' playlist consists solely of female solo artists and female-led bands.

And what a selection;  Look Blue Go Purple, Cassandra's Ears, Charlott Yates, Catherine Tunks, Amy Bowie, Chess Countess, Eva Prowse, Elcee, Hannah Grace, Into The East, Eyreton Hall, Jackie Bristow, Henika, Hunter, Jan Hellriegel, Jas Josland, Jocee Tuck, Kiri Eriwata, Katie Thompson, Mahoney Harris, Sam RB, Sapphire, Francisca Griffin, The Beths, The Topp Twins and Yasamin.

Head over to the Songbroker Search Engine to listen.

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