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Hybrid Rose releases 'Just Press PLay' featuring Fanfickk

'Just Press Play' is Hybrid Rose's new track, featuring kiwi electro-pop singer Fanfickk.

Sonically this song was inspired by musicians like Zowie and Kimbra ... on acid. Lyrically this song is quite angry! Think about the last time someone cheated on you, or your sister/brother stole your barbie dream house, or your cat ate the last biscuit.

Get ready to crank this new single at full volume and experience the sweet taste of freedom of satisfying hatred. This song is a taster from the re-release of Hybrid Rose's debut album Cosmic, (retitled to WARHOL), due for release in March 2019.

'Just Press Play' is available now via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and more...

Listen to 'Just Press Play' here:

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