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Songbroker Welcomes Eli Moore

Songbroker is very pleased to welcome the songs of Eli Moore to the roster.

Eli Moore has ticked almost fifty countries off his travel list performing on cruise ships, as well as honing his piano chops, playing for X-Factor stars, Broadway belters and the occasional ventriloquist!

Having hard pop leanings even during the course of his jazz studies at the University of Auckland (under the tutelage of Stephen Small and Kevin Field), many of the songs Eli  amassed over the past few years began to embody themes of displacement, love, loss and travel. They turned into an album entitled Ship Life and as such, the first shining example of Moore's production, arranging, writing and keyboard talents.

Ship Life draws most deeply from a love of the singer-songwriters, super-producers and musician’s musicians of the 70’s - think Todd Rundgren, Arif Mardin, Carole King and Joni Mitchell, all on the same boat for one crazy week. With all vocal, string, horn and band arrangements written by Eli himself, the album is very much his own vision of what pop music can be.  

The album also features some of Auckland’s great groups and fellow artists (the Black Quartet, the Andrea Lisa Band, Jocee Tuck, Tracey Collins), who all turned up to Vivek Gabriel’s Mt Roskill studios for recording sessions at the end of 2016.

Eli continues to make music and collaborate, on land and at sea. 

To listen to Eli Moore head over to the Songbroker Search Engine.

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