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New album for Hopetoun Brown

Hopetoun Brown, New Zealand's favourite hard-parping duo have just released their third studio album Don't Let Them Lock You Up.

Think chugging horns pretending to be guitars as the stories unfold via Stewart's buttery vocals.

The nine-track album to life inside Jol Mulholland's studio The Oven in Mt Eden's The Lab.

While Stewart and Atkinson wrote the songs, special guests Steve Abel, Sophie Burbery, Isaac Chadderton (Weird Together, Lord Echo), Callum Passells (Aldous Harding, The Babyshakes), Nomad, and Hopetoun Brown's righthand man Finn Scholes (Carnivorous Plant Society, Neil Finn) added their own sweet flavours.

Having been friends since the age of 8, Hopetoun Brown's Tim Stewart and Nick Atkinson have experienced a great deal of life together - from forming a blues band at age 13 that would become the much-loved kiwi supergroup Supergroove, before hitting the road as the renowned horn-heavy two piece they have become today.

Don't Let Them Lock You Up is now available on Spotify, iTunes and all good digital outlets.


Hopetoun Brown, Don't let them lock you up