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Darren Watson unveils new video for single 'National Guy'

Wellington-based singer-songwriter and blues guitarist Darren Watson (Chicago Smoke Shop, Midge Marsden Band, Planet Key) has just released a video of the first cut from his soon to be released acoustic album Too Many Millionaires.

'National Guy' is a catchy, finger-snapping tune Watson says he wrote in dismay, when he noticed that over 40% of the country had voted for the status quo at the last election. However he also soon realised that what he had written also spoke out against nationalism, greed, and selfishness in general.

“The song starts out with a salesman kinda pitching a product. Selling the idea that looking out for number one and your family to the exclusion of those struggling is somehow noble and right. It grows to full agreement by the end. For a while there I really thought that’s where we were heading and I wanted to say something about it. I tried to make the music snaky and slimy, like the used car salesmen a lot of politicians of a certain stripe seem to be these days. I reckon the groove, which is fully sick, really makes it work.”

Too Many Millionaires is out on Tuesday 1 May.

Watson is on tour with his acoustic band between 3-26 May. 

Tickets to most shows are on sale now at: 

Watch the 'National Guy' video here:

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