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Kong Fooey new single 'Just For The Night'

Auckland based music maker Kong Fooey AKA Jason Peters, recently released a new single ‘Just For The Night’ - an upbeat track with a dance/club focus.

Kong Fooey is planning a series of single releases with a dance/house thread, leading up to a full album next year called Feel The Love. 

He recently told music blog Happy, “For the last album the focus was vintage funk, hip hop as well as electro, I love working on a fusion of sounds and styles without being locked down to one defined sound, but for these new batch of songs coming up I definitely wanted to have a more club/dance focus to the tracks. I hadn’t produced that style before so it was a good challenge, it’s also a lot fun coming up with the grooves, and putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together to make a cool dance track.”

Listen to ‘Just for the NIght’ here:

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