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Brookes & Johnstone 'Take A Deep Breath'

Songwriter and producer team Zed Brookes (Auckland) and Andrew Johnstone (Cambridge) have been busy of late.

Since joining forces in 2016, they have produced a single for Fix, an EP for Yuko 3 and released an album of original material called L.O.V.E. ( March 2018).

With their recent focus on songwriting, they have amassed sixty new songs! So they have decided to release a series of A and B side singles.

'Take A Deep Breath' was written and recorded one afternoon in early September 2018 during a break from mixing. Brookes hit the drums and Johnstone took to the bass and voila! A moody dance single was born.

Listen to ‘Take A Deep Breath’:

Brookes & Johnstone, Take a Deep Breath